Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well... I'm FINALLY about to launch my new website. I've had a "next to nothing" one up since the spring, but have never taken the time to really get it set up. Well, I've signed up to advertise w/ a bunch of other lampworkers for the next year in Step by Step Beads magazine... the first ad will be in the January/February issue & will probably be in the mail & in the stores by the 2nd week in December, so YIKES!! It's good, though... making me commit to getting this together. I purchased a Flash template in the spring, too, but it's completely over my head, so I finally hired someone to help me out, THANK GOD!! Erinn has been great to collaborate with. Here is a "sample" of the "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" home page...

I just put it up on my website (instead of the pitiful PappaShop one that I'd not done anything with) to announce that I'm opening soon!!!


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