Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy 2008, all!!

2008??? Holy crap...weren't we just stressing out over Y2K??? :o) Where does time go?

Do you make New Year's resolutions??? I used to. I think about it... but I'm so good at not following my own advice, or even advice of others, LOL, so I pretty much just continue to "think" about it. :o)

But really...what do I want to accomplish, or at least DO BETTER in 2008? (2008??? Holy crap!) Well...other than continuing to grow as a glass artist, I REALLY need to figure out how to balance that w/ my life. I know, I've mentioned that already, haven't I?? I really DO need to figure it out. I'm definitely an ALL or NOTHING kind of person. I get those blinders on tight & don't dare veer off course. I'm really good at focusing on what I'm passionate about, but everything else seems to fall by the wayside.

#1 on my list of needing to re-balance is nutrition & activity. SERIOUSLY. I lost a serious amount of weight in 2003-2004 & up until 2007 I had managed to maintain that loss, give or take 10 lbs or so. I still had about 35 lbs to go. That was then. Close to a year hyper-focused on lampworking knocked me off balance... no time (in my head!) for the gym, no desire to work out @ home & a lower priority to balance nutrition didn't do anything positive for my weight. Good nutritional habits helped for a bit, but even those fall by the wayside when your attention is elsewhere. So I've taken some steps backwards that I now need to correct before it gets too far out of hand. I've GOT TO start re-focusing on this NOW. I can't continue to let this go. I've done enough damage.

So here's my January committment: MINIMUM of 10 MINUTES of exercise per day...MINIMUM. I think it's a time issue, LOL, but I KNOW that I CAN do at least 10 minutes each day. There's no excuse. TEN MINUTES.

Now back to talking about glass, LOL. (yeah, right!)


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