Wednesday, February 13, 2008



I just spent the last 3 weeks on the sofa...first week w/ a massive head & chest cold, week 2 brought on a lovely sinus infection, week 3 a painful ear infection!! FUN, FUN, FUN!! I've never had either infection before, I didn't realize how severe they can be! I'm so thankful that my children never had to deal w/ ear infections like some children do, poor babies...they can't tell us how bad the pain really is. That's sad.

Anyway... sadly, I missed out on getting stuff listed for sale for Valentine's Day... I had some items photographed & ready to go in early January, but ended up nowhere near my computer the whole time I was sick, so I missed out. That stinks!!! I'll still list them, so go take a look in the next few days.

I also misssed being able to torch...that's no fun!! :o) Yesterday was my first day back...I made a few crosses that will become pendants, a few hearts & a bottle opener handle. I used my handy new EMS (electric mandrel spinner) for the handle... VERY SLICK!!!

I got my new Glass Hive Annealer, too, just haven't made space for it, yet. It's pretty long! (yeah!) Need to set it up over the next few days as my "old" kiln is heading to its new home next week.

Anyway...I'm happy to be back. Now I just need to update my website!! :o)


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