Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm an Interior Designer by trade... but I've never really gotten into the "decorating" part of it... the selection of color, etc... I'm more of the "designer" part, the technical, structural part of design. So... I'm finding out that as far as lampworking goes, I tend to like structural pieces & structural looking beads... at least a little more technical or clean looking, I guess. Hard to say.

Anyway... I'm TRYING to break free of my little box, especially the one completely dedicated to my affair w/ Opal Yellow & Rubino (especially since someday in the near future my OY stash will be gone & probably not replaceable, so I NEED to be trying new things.)

& I HAVE!! :o) LOL.

I need to take some pictures, I'm "trying" new colors & designs... a little "looser" looking... although there's still alot of OY & Rubino mixed in, LOL, but it's still different.

Anyway (I like saying that!)... I need to start looking to images, fabrics & such for color inspiration... pattern, too, I suppose... & I was eMailed this photo today & thought "what a fantastic bead that would be!!!" :o) Don't you think??? Anyone wanna take this one on?


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