Friday, May 23, 2008


MOBR stories continued...

So... Saturday afternoon, 5 of the crazy ladies decide that they're going to go get their noses pierced, kind of as a momento of the weekend, right? So... as soon as they leave, I remember that I have a simple wire ear cuff in my ear from 1999 when I tried to freak out some old church friends that I hadn't seen in 15 years or so by using it as a nose ring, LOL. So...(LOL)...I pull it off of my ear & hook it onto the side of my nostril & show a couple of people who are sitting there w/ me. Too funny. Being the instigator that I am, LOL, I come up w/ the idea that we could make some simple wire nose rings for EVERYONE else who didn't go get their noses pierced... 50-some of us! LOL!! So, we pull out the cheap artistic wire & start cranking out nose rings... my friend Deb dispurses them to everyone, telling them what they're meant for... everyone thinks it's really funny... which, of course, it is. We even got grandma, who must be in her 80's to put one on, LOL, all of the husbands, too!! I ended up w/ mine hooked between my nostrils @ the base of my nose, like a bull, you know? ...& had several rings left over, so I put some on my lip, too. LOL. It was pretty obnoxious.

When the truly pierced ones got back, they saw a few, then started noticing that everyone had one on & got a big kick out of it!! LOL. I was on the lower deck at the time (they were on the top deck) & I hear Kim Polka say at the top of her lungs [something like] "who's idea was this??.... Julie Nordine??!!!... of course it was!" LOL. Yeah, not a surprise... like I said...quite the little instigator.

Last year we had a bead show & Melissa (Villa Designs) used my necklace display to hang some of her fabulous disk pendant necklaces from & ended up packing her stuff up a little early to go have a swim... but forgot about her necklaces & left them behind... about 8 of them. Mind you, I'm the new kid there, but I take all of these necklaces & pass them out to people... guys, too, LOL, TRYING to keep track of who all had them, LOL, & waited patiently for Melissa to come back. Of course as I'm passing them out, I'm asking others what kind of sense of humor Melissa had, LOL, luckily she thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway...check out the pictures... you'll see lots of nose rings around page 8, including a few of me...not pretty, LOL. You'll also see some of the real piercings, too. Then the group picture of the ones who were pierced. 2 more went to get theirs done the next day. LOL. Silly girls. be continued...


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