Friday, June 20, 2008


My "I LIKE IT HOT" T-shirt arrived today... pretty cool. I think that the letters are a little small, though...just about an inch high, since they could only print it so I stretched the whole thing in Photoshop till they were probably 2 1/2" tall, I think, & uploaded it to CafePress...& reordered another one!! LOL! Geez. Gotta check to make sure it looks good before I put it up in my shop. How many "I LIKE IT HOT" shirts can I have?? Will be a good night shirt, if anything. I don't know that I'd wear it anywhere that wasn't lampworking related. LOL.

Or maybe I would. :o)

...Julie DH got home late tonight after an evening out w/ his brother... I met him in the bedroom for a little "chat"... he saw my shirt & grinned...wide. :o)

pss...I was supposed to get my postcards today, but they were delayed in transit by a day...bummer. Oh well, tomorrow is soon enough. UPS delivers on Saturday, right?? Maybe not.

psss...LOL...dang it...I just checked the tracking on my postcard... they won't be here till Monday. :o( I'm so anxious to see them!


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