Tuesday, August 19, 2008


OMG...OMG...OMG... I'm so excited. I'm leaving for Seattle on Wednesday morning. I'll spend the day w/ my aunt & cousin... then my friend Deb will be flying in on Thursday & we're going to wander around for a few days. We'll be going to the Frantz Glass Bash on Saturday... camping in an RV w/ several other crazy glass people for the weekend. Can't wait to meet all of the people that I see online on Lampwork Etc.

From there, on Sunday, we'll be heading to Chinook, Washington for a 2 day (pre Glass Stock) class w/ Jennifer Geldard on Monday & Tuesday... staying in a 2 bedroom apartment above the studio where the classes will be. Jennifer will even be staying there w/ us... it'll be great to get to know her!!

Then on Wednesday morning, we'll be heading for Newport, Oregon for GLASS STOCK!! I'm going to pee my pants, I'm so excited. Maybe I'll hurl first, I'm a nervous wreck as well.

Did I already mention that I'll be taking a Michael Barley class at the end of October??... holy crap... I'm going to be FABULOUS!! LOL!

Makes me emotional, actually. It almost feels like it's going to be life changing. Seriously. Everything that I am today, as a lampworker, is all me. After my initial basic lampworking class got me started, everything that I do... all of my style & creativity comes from ME... all of my bad lampworking habits, too... all me. :o) I can't imagine what I'll be able to do after this experience. It's a whole new journey for me.

Anyway... it's been a crazy, busy time for me. Need to find more time to blog... I'll have all sorts of things to say when I get back.

Till then...



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