Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay... I have so much to show & so much to say about my west coast trip, but those posts are in limbo as I get some pictures together, so those posts will magically appear as September posts sometime soon. LOL.

But in the meantime, someone on LE sent me a private message asking when I was going to update my blog... I didn't realize anyone was reading it, I figured I've been talking to myself, LOL... so if you ARE reading this (& you know you are!)...post a comment or two from time to time, if you will. It's nice to know that I'm not really just talking to myself. :o)

Anyway... I thought I'd start posting some images of current pieces! How'd you like that?? :o)

I've been having a blast torching since I got home... I did two (successful!) shows the two weekends after I got home & I'm now getting ready for a bead show in Des Moines, Iowa a few weekends away called Treasures 2008... I sure hope it's a good show & that people aren't too freaked out about the financial crap going on these days!

It's fun to do "just a bead show"... instead of an art show where you need to have finished pieces. I love making finished pieces... jewelry & objects like utinsils & such, but those kinds of pieces take so much more thought & planning... I love just being free to see what happens when I torch sometimes, you know?

I can't believe I didn't show this piece off to you yet. Isn't it gorgeous? I actually sold it today. Woo-Hoo! :o)

I'm lovin the silver glasses... Double Helix's Terranova2, Luna2 & Psyche especially. I have so much to show... but I'll tease you for a bit, revealing a few pieces at a time.

Till next time...


Anonymous said...

I´m here(-: enjoying your blog and waiting for more...
...all the way from Denmark.
Lone, Maarslet, Denmark

CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Hi there anonymous one from Denmark! I appreciate you coming out of the shadows.

Woo-hoo... I have a reader. :o)


Serene said...

You have more than one reader. I have been reading since nearly the beginning. I sent you that message on LE. I check on you weekly at least to see what else you are up to.

Your work just keeps getting more amazing as the weeks pass.


CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Awwww... THANK YOU Serene. I'm so glad I'm not talking to myself. :o)

I'm glad you like my work, too... I'm pretty darned fond of it myself. (insert smiley here, LOL.)

I love the feedback & definitely appreciate comments... I'll probably even blog more regularly if I know people are checking in on me.


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