Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Having a great time... just thought I'd post a few pictures of what I've been up to since I got here on Saturday...

I was put on "cake duty" w/in an hour or so after our arrival... it came out awesome. How do I keep getting wrangled into these things, though? :o) I keep saying "no more wedding cakes!" (click on the images for enlarged view)

Maybe that's it... it's an ANNIVERSARY cake! I'm glad I was able to do this for them. Here's Jeri & I w/ "our" cake... Jeri did the flowers... they were gorgeous!

Here's the happy bride & groom cutting the cake. The party was an open house... around 90 guests. It was crazy!

Here's my cute little sister, Jill & cool brother, Scott. My older sister, Lisa, was the only one not able to make it. We really missed her.

Today I had a lunch date w/ some of my LE buddies. This is Melissa, Leslie, Jill, Bernadette & me. Gretchen made it to lunch but wasn't able to come back to Leslie's studio afterwards where we took the picture. Leslie's hubby, Chuck, was w/ us, too. Leslie's studio is FANTASTIC. I'm envious. :o) It was fantastic seeing everyone. Really cool to meet Gretchen & Melissa. I love meeting people in person that you've "met" online... it makes that online relationship much more personal, since you now can picture them, hear their voice, remember their manerisms, etc.

Anyway.... it's been a great trip. Exhausting, but fun. We're chilling out for the next few days. Thanksgiving will be nice & then we're heading home on Friday. Long day's drive. (920 miles straight through)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.



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