Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I get choked up when I vote.

What an honor...
It's such a huge honor to live in a country where we have the freedom to pick our leaders.

The one who wins may not be who I voted for... or who you voted for... that is out of our hands... but I learned a while ago that I at least have to do my part & vote. You know that when I first moved to Minnesota I knew nothing about the "electorial college" ..I thought that my vote goes towards the COUNTRY's tally, not just the state's. I didn't realize that Minnesota pretty much votes opposite of what I did & felt that in the end my vote didn't matter. I didn't vote in the next election... why bother?? But then this really crazy thing happened in Minnesota... some wacky former WWF wrestler decided to run for governor as an independent. He said that he hated the game of politics & a ton of people got excited about that & went out in droves & voted for him. He beat out both the Democrat & the Republican. THAT crazy election made me realize ONE really important thing... my vote DOES count! It counts if EVERYONE believes this & just goes out & does it. It definitely won't count if you just stay home.

What I tell my kids, (because I've seen some kids who literally made themselves sick w/ worry in 2000 & 2004 when GW was elected, no doubt brought on by their parents' strong negative opinions /reactions) is that for the most part, people have good intentions, whether they're Democrat or Republican & are only trying to do what they think is best for the country...that there are all sorts of safeguards in place to make sure that really bad decisions aren't made, no matter who the president is. So we'll be okay, no matter what.

That's what I tell my kids.

I'd like to believe it myself, LOL.

I just wish that EVERYONE would stop playing games & do what is best for the country.


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