Monday, November 10, 2008


I think I mentioned that I got some 1 1/4" lentil tongs last week after seeing Michael Barley use some in his class, right? Well... I really like the lentil shape & how my newer decorative styles are translating into this shape. I'm pretty head over heals w/ them all right now...

What do you think?? (click on image for a detailed view)
Aren't you just dying to see more??? :o)


Patty said...

I *am* dying to see more, Julie! These are amazing! I love the style. I use a Zooziis lentil press, and have for some time so I'm used to it, but I bet the lentil mashers are probably very easy to use.

1 1/4" lentils RULE! Such a large canvas, huh?

Good luck at your show!

CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Thank you, Patty! Coming from you, it means alot!!

1 1/4" seems absolutely perfect! I really like 'em.

Thanks again!

~ Julie

Lori Smith said...

I really love these, Julie! I especially love your sense of color! And, just by coincidence, I just this week started using my Jim Moore lentil press and found myself thinking, "Now why have I avoided this thing for so long!" You go, girl!

CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Thank you, Lori! Lentil tongs are pretty cool. I got a cheap pair. LOL. I'd love to get a slew of Jim's tools, they're so nicely made.

Thanks again!

~ Julie

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