Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The 2009 Glass Bead Calendar featuring 36 LampworkEtc. artists is available now!!

I'm Mrs. February... alongside Lisa Washburn & Lara Lutrick, two very talented glass artists.

Marjorie Oxman (Marjo on LE) posted a call for submissions on LampworkEtc. in December for a LE Member 2009 Glass Bead Calendar. I didn't see the post until the night before the deadline, so I contacted her right away & she said to send her my image & she would see if she could fit me in, no guarantees because she already had the layout pretty much figured out.
So I sent her 6 different images & told her to pick whatever one she thought would work & she eMailed me back immediately saying that the pictures were gorgeous! Yay! :o) So, needless to say, it shocked me to see my heart necklace kind of front & center in February! Isn't that crazy?

I received my copy today... it's absolutely gorgeous!! Marjorie put hours & hours into this calendar... I sent her this note today:

Marjorie.... my calendar arrived today & it is absolutely PERFECTLY put together!! You did a fabulous job & should be so proud of yourself!! Not only are the pictures beautiful to begin w/... but the way you coordinated the colors, themes, seasons, etc... it is so well thought out, it's quite obvious that you put your heart & soul into it. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so excited & proud to be a part of this calendar & very happy to show it off!

Here's the full list of contributing artists...
Kimberly Affleck
Beau Anderson
Amber Ballard
Kristi Brokaw
DeAnne Buchannon
Mary Beth Laire Callaghan
Dawn Ceccacci
Virginia L. Davies
Mimi Huszer Fagnant
Robin Foster
Sue Harmon-King
Heather Hertziger
Laurie Lalonde
Marcy Lamberson
Lara Lutrick
Tammy Michaud
Donna Millard
Patsy Monk
Julie Nordine
Carol Oliver
Marjorie Oxman
Gail Oyler (xstatic on LE)
Cherine Perrin
Karen Sealock
Becky Smith
Helen Starkweather
Londa Tanner
Jan Thompson
Cynthia Tucker
Melissa Vess
Lisa Washburn
Stephanie White

It's just fantastic. Whether you're in this calendar or not... or maybe you just love looking at beautiful things, it's definitely a keeper. Here's where you can find it & see a preview of each page.

PS.... if you receive this calendar, rate & review it on LULU for Marjorie. :o)


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