Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm changing up the look of my blog. No more plain white (which I thought was really clean looking...but way too stark). One of the things I did was to make the post width a bit wider, which I really like.....EXCEPT that it throws all of my smaller blog pictures out of alignment. So...that's something I need to straighten out...BIG pain. but I'm liking the look. What do you think???


Jenny J-V said...

I like it! The resolution on the side images isn't as clear as you'd probably like, but you are my hero for figuring out the codes!!!

Julie Nordine said...

LOL, Thanks Jen! Yeah...I need to go find the original & see if I can get a sharper image from it (was working from a pre-tweaked image)... if not, I'm going to look for another image to work w/.

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