Monday, January 11, 2010

END OF 2009 WORK - Part 2: EARRINGS...

Talk about neglectful... it took me almost a week to get to Part 2!! :o) Here's Part 1: PENDANTS, if you missed it.

How about some fabulous earrings???
I love the earrings that I'm creating. They're not your typical single dangly bead earrings.... these are all really different. Really cool. Funky. Elegant. If I may say so. :o) They're also LONG! Most of these are long earrings..... I love long earrings. I can certainly do them shorter, but they just look fabulous long.... especially if you have lots of hair like I do.

I make my own ear wires, too, for the most part.... and I love the combination of sterling & Vintaj brass on some of these. Check out the ones w/ the Viking knit end caps... how unusual is that? Never seen them used this way before... I think they're fabulous. :o)

Check them out...
This first pair [I offer up for your viewing pleasure] has to be one of my favorite pairs EVER!! Double Helix Psyche, Ivory & fine silver wire dots. I put them together w/ handmade earwires, viking knit caps, sterling beads & a Bali bead, too. (click images to see detail)

Here's another long pair (surprise!) Ivory & silvered ivory w/ one of my favorite vine design elements in Psyche.

This deep red pair of earrings coordinate nicely w/ the pendant I posted in the PENDANT post. Great shape! Vintaj brass & sterling findings. of my favorite [extinct] colors (& the color that disappears from my show tables the fastest, too!), paired w/ the dark ivory & silver, very organic. Vintaj brass & sterling findings... handmade earwires.

Here are some more for your viewing pleasure. Just be sure to wipe the drool off of your keyboard when you're finished. :o)So...what do you think??? Love them, don't you??

I thought so.

Lucky you...all of these are currently available...some of them are going to be listed in my Etsy shop... soon!


kelleysbeads said...

Julie, your work is just amazing. I am in awe of your work and talent!

Julie Nordine said...

THANK YOU, Kelley! You made my day!

kristien berghs said...

They're gorgeous, Julie!!! I love them all. Don't make me pick a favorite! ;-)

Julie Nordine said...

I won't, Kristien... picking them all is even better! :o) Thank you!!

Justin Nordine said...

I love the Lemongrass and dark red with pendant...well, all of them are wonderful! Those just happen to be my favorite! You're so talented! Love your work, love you too!

Julie Nordine said...

Think these would go over well in your tattoo studio, Justin?? :o) Love you, too!!

Julie Nordine said...

LOL, Justin... I didn't have the matching red pendant posted in the pendant post!! Just added it. :o)

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