Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Please read the following, do what you can & pass it on...

I borrowed this photo from Michelle Goldstein's website. I hope she doesn't mind. I don't even know her (other than the fact that she's an amazing artist!)... but to look @ her face & to hear what her friends have to say about her, you just know that she's a kind & giving soul.

A little something from many can really add up to something substantial & meaningful for a family going through something really unexpected & really really rough. This is one of the many things I love about a community of artists... when one of our own is in need, we pull together & do what we can, big or small, to try to help ease their burden, even if just a little.

This is the case, brought to my attention today by a multitude of friends, of fellow glass bead & jewelry artist Michelle Goldstein, lovingly called Meesh by her friends. Her friend & fellow glass bead artist, Gail Crosman Moore, wrote the following blog post in an effort to bring Michelle's story to light. Money is being raised through PayPal & an auction that Gail is putting together. See her post below to get more info. I can't say this any better, so I'm borrowing this from my friend Anne Mitchell's blog post, "Now is the time when our community with its deep collective well of creativity and generosity can come together and be a powerful force. Please be a part of this and join us in this effort."

THANK YOU for taking the time to read all of this & for helping however you can. ~ Julie
A New Dawn...Gail Crosman Moore
In my ego-centric world things aren't going so great, but my plight will be relatively short lived. I'm going to follow sage advice and bring your attention to my/our dear friends plight....Michele Goldstein is caring around the clock for the dying father of her children. (There is no time for their family to prepare for the end of his life. Steve's sickness was unexpected and the cancer is moving quickly through his body. His death is imminent, and it's only been three weeks since he was diagnosed.)

If you know Meesh, you know that she is the kindest of souls and is always generous and puts others first. She would never think about asking for money from others. That is why her friends are asking you to think of sending her something.

In looking at the dawning of a new 'age', a new year, I want to start it right and send a loving message of direct help to one of us who is in need. Meesh has been unable to work, has needed to cancel shows and is looking at an uncertain future for herself and her two young boys.

It is my hope that we could take some immediate heat off of her situation by laying down a little padding to her nest. Could you help?

If you can help, the most direct route would be through her Paypal account ( If you could forward this to anyone who might be interested in helping, please do!

We will be following this up with an interesting auction of donated items, if you would like to become a part of this please contact either me at or Anne Mitchell at to develop a trust for her children.

Here is a message from Meesh:

i am humbled at the out pouring of help from my friends, family and artistic community. there are no words to express my gratitude for the beautiful humans circling my little tribe at this time. i only wish i had time to thank each one of you. thank you.”

Thanks all! Post this on your blog (feel free to copy any or all of my ramblings), to your Facebook wall & friends, eMail, etc... help spread the word.


Pretty Things said...

I'm so glad this is getting around. I'm participating in the auction and have passed it around Facebook and my blog as well.

(PS, email me again at lori at about the Bead Soup Blog Party -- your email hasn't come in -- just need your mailing address with blog address!)

Julie Nordine said...

eMailed you. :o)

I'm so glad this is getting around, too! I think the auction is such a fantastic idea... I'm participating as well.

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