Friday, September 3, 2010


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I've been working my butt off (I wish) to get a gazillion pieces photographed & listed in my Etsy shop & get it opened by September 8th. Shall we have a Grand Re-Opening celebration?? :o) Maybe we will. Maybe there will be a shop discount. Maybe there will be a shop discount to anyone who mentions my blog, or the BEADWORK Glass Artist article about me in their upcoming October/November issue!!!

Thought I'd put out a little teaser... a few pictures. You know how much I love to tease. 

I've been having a blast making my first skeleton keys. Yes, this is a key. It was a teeny-tiny key that was calling for a heart... but not just ANY heart... THIS heart. :o) It was made directly onto the key
These are my first 5 keys EVER. I love them. :o) They've been so much fun to do & I really love making them MINE... 
Okay, not MINE, for me, but MINE, as in JULIE STYLE. You can tell that I made them, right? I'll probably lightly embellish them (or some of them), but hmmmmmmm... they're so beautifully simple just hanging from a long ribbon. Maybe I WON'T lightly embellish them. What do you think???  

From here on out, other than when I'm REALLY on vacation, my Etsy store will be stocked daily w/ new items. I'm also going to be working on setting up a shop on my website. Stay tuned for that one. 

Till then...

~ Julie


Doreen said...

Everything is beautiful as always....but those acorns, those acorns, oh how i love those acorns!!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh Julie...those keys had me at helloooooO! You know I love them, don't you? And I cannot.get.enough. I wish you the best in your Etsy shop. I just took the plunge and find that the limited hours of the night that I have to put things in is going to be a challenge. And the pictures are my greatest nemesis right now! I will be looking for the grand opening and someday I will have one of my own (4 items does not an opening make.)
Enjoy the day!

P.S. Did you get my email?

Julie Nordine . Credit.River.Art.Glass said...

Thank you, Doreen! I love them, too!

LOL, THANKS Erin!! :o) I'm really loving doing these keys... such a kick, they're so substantial, you know? Good luck to you, too, Erin! I'm trying to process about 50 different pieces for Etsy... photos are so time consuming!! If you need any photography tips, message me on FB. & no, I didn't get your eMail!!! :o( Wondering which you sent it to. Message me on FB, we'll work it out.

Pretty Things said...

I've got to have those acorns.

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