Thursday, January 27, 2011


I haven't blogged yet about what's going on w/ the Bead Soup Party that I'm participating in! We were partnered up last week & I was so excited to find out that my partner is Jess Italia Lincoln from Vintaj! I LOVE Vintaj...have been using it for a few years now & shared w/ Jess that her style... Vintaj's style, is what helped me the most when I was trying to form my own personal jewelry style when I needed to start making jewelry w/ my own beads. I knew that I didn't want to do just your standard lampwork dangle earrings or strung lampwork necklace, etc... the layering & such that they do just gave me such a wonderful direction to head towards, I'm really grateful.

I'm sure Jess has mundane tasks to do @ Vintaj :o) ...but she also gets to design jewelry & blog daily. Here's a little of what wonderful pieces Jess makes...
Look @ this beautiful piece below!
Focal by Barbara Fajardo, Glass leaves by Lisa Kan
Anyway... I was going to post a teaser picture for Jess before she got the package, but I've been so busy that I forgot all about posting it on time & she received her soup today, so I can show the teaser...
...AND a picture of the actual Bead Soup I sent her. :o)
The heart focal, ivory spacer/accent beads & toggle were made by me, of course. I struggled w/ the clasp... I couldn't just send her a sterling one, even a fancy one... too easy & she works for VINTAJ, she sees clasps & findings & components all day long, so I knew it had to be something different. I started the toggle bar out of thick gauge copper wire, hammered it flat & shaped it... then hammered a copper washer so I could have a nice spot to put a hole in it, then I torch enameled them!! I just learned how to do that & it was a bit tricky, especially the bar, tough to balance on a little metal tripod!! LOL. They're not perfecd, but I love how they turned out! 

Jess eMailed me today when she got the package & said WOW, she LOVED it!! I'm so glad! I didn't think about the fact that I mailed it to her work... so I'm getting all warm & fuzzy thinking about her running around showing everyone what I sent. LOL. :o)

Anyway... can't wait to see what Jess sends me! I'm ready for a challenge! Will post a picture of what I receive when it arrives!

Till then....

BTW.... 210 Bead Soup Party participants!!! I hope I have the time to do some major blog hopping on reveal day!! 


Ganpati said...

Nice collection of blogs!!!1

Tin Wire

Jen V. said...

What a great pair! I was so thrilled to meet you through a party like this...I'm sure Jess, with her Vintaj perspective, is going to rock your beads!!!!

Julie Nordine | Credit River Art Glass said...

I can't wait to see what Jess is going to do, Jen!! You made the first Bead Soup experience such a treat, I was almost jealous that you were hooked up w/ someone else, LOL. ♥

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh, I think that you BOTH lucked out on your pairing! So many great artists and designers in this round, I am drooling at what you sent her. Jess is an absolute doll. So talented and giving and creative. I can't wait to see what she does with your things!
Enjoy the day!

Julie Nordine | Credit River Art Glass said...

Thanks, Erin! This is going to be fun. :o) Jess just told me that she's going to be @ the Madison show in March, so we get to meet in person. Sure you can't make it?? :o)

Pretty Things said...

I absolutely love it! Jess told me she really liked what she got but man oh day! You knocked this out of the park!

Julie Nordine | Credit River Art Glass said...

Thanks, Lori!! So glad Jess let you know she was pleased! It was fun to put together for her!

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