Thursday, April 24, 2008


As a part of the LEST team, we work together to promote the team & eachother's Etsy stores & one way that we can do this is to snag a TREASURY on Etsy.

Up till now, I had heard about & had seen treasuries, but I had no idea about how to put one together & what it takes to SNAG one. It's obvious, Treasuries put 12 artists out of a gazillion into the spotlight & brings people to their store. It's not about promoting yourself, either... it's about promoting 12 OTHER artists. I've been lucky enough to be in a few treasuries, mostly thanks to my sweet friend Mallory (Rosebud101).

So...doing my part for the LEST team, yesterday I set out to figure out treasuries. :o) Happily, I found a link to the Etsy Treasury Demo (written by sweetestpea...thank you!), which had tons of info on how the whole thing works. A really cool tool she talks about is the Poster Sketch Tool, which lets you set up your selections ahead of time. Very slick.

Anyway... from what I've heard, it's pretty tough to snag a treasury (there has to be less than 333 treasuries for new ones to be able to be posted)... but I set mine up w/ the poster sketch tool... figured out at what point I needed to be sitting @ my computer ready to pounce... refresh, refresh, refresh (F5, F5, F5) ......347 treasuries, 340, 338, 334..... 385, 398, 430..... what???? LOL. Obviously there are a few others waiting to post their treasuries as well. But somehow I ended up w/ one, too!! LOL! I'm so excited!! :o)

Here you go... this is my FIRST treasury. It expires on Saturday, April 26th @ 8:56pm central time.

Click on each image to check out the item & then check out each artist's shop... there's some amazing items out there! Then tell me what you think by leaving me a comment on my treasury page!

Thank you!!


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