Saturday, September 17, 2011

BEAD SOUP BLOG PARTY...soup is on!

Soup is on!! Are you ready??? Today is the day that all 362 of the Bead Soup Blog Party participants reveal what they created w/ the bead soup that their party partner sent them. The requirements were that we were to send our partners: 
...a focal piece
...a special clasp
...some coordinating beads &/or spacers. 
We were only required to use the focal & the clasp... the extras we could use or not, completely up to us. This is what Lesley Watt sent me. THANK YOU, Lesley!! 
When I received Lesley's soup mix, I was thrilled, of course.... the bronze focal is really beautiful... substantial & I loved it. I knew I wanted to do something significant w/ it, I just didn't have a clue what! My biggest desire was to make some sort of a collar... but how?? My jewelry style is rather simple & my knowledge of technique isn't very extensive, so I thought about it & thought about it... made some pieces & parts that I thought would work, but it was beyond me. I needed 5 hands. :o) So...I chickened out & decided that I could get a collar look from just wrapping it the heck around my neck, LOL. So, here you go.... 90 inches of beads... lariat style. ( click images to enlarge) 

This took care of the focal, but I still needed to use the clasp... so I made a wrap bracelet... which also doubles as a necklace...24 inches long. 
& then, of course, I needed to just finish out the whole set w/ some earrings. :o)
 Here's the whole set.....
It was fun to do... looks fabulous on.... hope you like it. 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Here's the list of Bead Soup Blog Party participants... hope you get a chance to check them all out!

The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel

You are here....94. Julie Nordine and Lesley Watt

115. Lesley Weir and Liz DeLuca

121. Lois Moon and Melissa Muir

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