Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I swear...I put this bead out on the table @ the bead bazaar this past weekend & ducked down to dig around for my camera in my bag to take pictures of my trays & someone was paying for it & 2 others that coordinated w/ it by the time I got back up!! LOL! How cool is that??? (VERY cool!!) Good thing I took a few quick pictures the night before, huh?? :o)

This is a new thing for me... RAKU stringer-work. I avoided Raku & other silver glasses up till now because they came out like poop (sad but true), but I think I'm figuring them out. The bead is etched... this color looks FABULOUS etched. (I hardly etch anything)

What do you think??

(it's not Opal Yellow...did you notice??)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Did I mention how much I loved my new Glass Hive Annealer???

I got up really early this morning to torch, finishing up what I needed for the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar this weekend... mostly coordinating spacers for my focals (I'm trying something new) & ended up w/ seventy something beads (including probably 10 focals) on 37 mandrels & TONS of room to spare! (& nothing sticking to anything else!! LOL!)

Here's one half of the interior. I put the expanded stainless grate in yesterday...

In order to use anything above the bottom inch or so of the grate, I had to take the exterior shelf off of the front so that the mandrels can come out of the door at steeper angles........... BUT, LOL, what I found out REALLY quickly was that because the kiln is so narrow depthwise (like 6"??), any mandrel placed about 2" or higher in the grate slid right back out. LOL. Okay... now what??? So... expanding on what I was doing last week (I'll explain that w/ the next picture), I now add a quick little blob of glass to the end of the mandrel & it works as a little "hook" to hold on to the grate. LOL. (it works!!) Anyway... it was really fun to see how many beads I could get in here... imagine what I could do w/ more time! (they have to anneal & then I need to clean them tonight still!)

So... this is what I was doing last week before I got that grate, LOL.

I only had one "kiln couch" that is about 6" wide that I could rest the mandrels on in the kiln so that they beads didn't touch the floor. I know, you can lay beads on the floor, but not the ones w/ Rubino on them.......... so, once I filled up the existing "couch", I started thinking about what I could do to keep the beads off of the floor of the kiln & came up w/ ^THAT^. Worked perfectly. I just melted 2 big blobs of glass on either side of the bead, let them get really droopy / drippy & then flattened the bottoms w/ my marver. LOL. Worked like a charm. Kinda funny, huh?? Oh well... I won't need to do that anymore. You can certainly use my idea, though! :o)


I'm an Interior Designer by trade... but I've never really gotten into the "decorating" part of it... the selection of color, etc... I'm more of the "designer" part, the technical, structural part of design. So... I'm finding out that as far as lampworking goes, I tend to like structural pieces & structural looking beads... at least a little more technical or clean looking, I guess. Hard to say.

Anyway... I'm TRYING to break free of my little box, especially the one completely dedicated to my affair w/ Opal Yellow & Rubino (especially since someday in the near future my OY stash will be gone & probably not replaceable, so I NEED to be trying new things.)

& I HAVE!! :o) LOL.

I need to take some pictures, I'm "trying" new colors & designs... a little "looser" looking... although there's still alot of OY & Rubino mixed in, LOL, but it's still different.

Anyway (I like saying that!)... I need to start looking to images, fabrics & such for color inspiration... pattern, too, I suppose... & I was eMailed this photo today & thought "what a fantastic bead that would be!!!" :o) Don't you think??? Anyone wanna take this one on?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I finally took the time to clean off my work space a few days ago & get my new kiln in place...geez, it's a big'un (for a tabletop kiln)! (I delivered my old kiln to my friend Mallory yesterday) It's 18" wide inside...LOTS of space... plenty of room to spread out & not worry about sticky Rubino anymore...or so I thought!! LOL. Like I said, old habits... I made my first bead (I'm making a serving set for my cousin's wedding this coming weekend), put it in the far left corner of the kiln. I made my second bead & went to put it in the kiln as close as I possibly could to the other bead, LOL. Needless to say, I came in at a funny angle or something because I tapped the other bead & of course it was too late... they were instantly attached to eachother. Geez.

They're beautiful beads... except for where they touched, LOL. I'll fix them... just not now. I made a second set today...along w/ some for an appetizer set. They're spread out quite nicely, thank you. :o)

I like my new kiln. (ALOT!) It took a bit to figure out the controller... it's a Fuji controller & COMPLETELY different than the one on my Jen Ken, so I had lots of questions. Thank God for Lampwork Etc. I knew I'd find the answers there. :o)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Dang... I need another blog just so I can post cool videos like this... :o)
(click play button on bottom, not in center of video window)

Improve Everywhere on YouTube

Sunday, March 2, 2008


You've seen these videos on ABC's Good Morning America...

What are my three words?


What are YOUR three words??

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