Saturday, December 26, 2009


If you recall, in September I wrote a post WISH ME LUCK... about how I had kind of gone in the back way to sort of submit some pieces to THE FLOW magazine for their winter issue.

I hadn't heard anything & knew it came out mid December, so I figured I didn't make it in... then I received this eMail from them in early December when I was out of town:

Julie, Attached is the page of the Women’s Gallery that includes your entry. It is set to run in the Winter 2009 issue of The Flow. We wanted you to get a chance to check it before it goes to the printer on Wednesday, December 9. Please check to make sure that your name appears as you want it to, that the contact info given is the correct and your preferred information, and that the work pictured belongs to you.

Needless to say, I was completely beside myself!!! I made it! I shared this info w/ the ladies I was visiting & w/ just a few other close friends, but otherwise kept it to myself. :o)

I'm so glad they sent this out early so we could check it out.
First of all, my website was listed as Um, nope! Good thing there was time to change it!

The other thing I noticed was that my image was really pixilated... not a surprise because the quality of the images I sent really weren't meant to be used in print. Not only that, but it really stuck out. Most of the other images either had neutral/gradient backgrounds or the magazine had outline cropped the pieces & added in a drop shadow so they just nicely sit on the page... it makes the whole gallery look rather fluid... until you get to my piece, which had a cork background!! I DO like to stand out, really I do, LOL, but not when it's better to blend in & look like you belong there. :o)

I immediately sent them a really nice quality image (on a gradient background) of the chosen piece along w/ the correction of my website & just prayed that I wasn't too late.

The website change was made, yay, but they kept the image. It's understandable, it was going to print in just a few days, my request wasn't a necessary one.

Luckily, the image isn't bad in print... not as good as it would've been if I had sent them a quality image!!!...but still not as bad as I was figuring.

& if I have to stand out, why not do it this way?? :o)

I'm just so honored to have my very first public publication experience to be w/ 99 wonderfully talented women artists... many of whom are friends!!

What a great way to end a fantastic year in glass!!

Till next time...

~ Julie

ps... click on THE FLOW image (or just click this!) to order your own copy of this issue! It's a great magazine & a fantastic issue w/ many wonderful tutorials from some talented ladies!!
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