Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CONTINUED GIVING, Back to School...

Back in May, I posted a HEARTFELT REQUEST, asking Amazon.comusers to consider going through the Amazon search tool in the right-hand column of my blog when going to Amazon to search or purchase anything. Through using the search box on my blog (or any of the books listed below it), I'm earning a small percentage (4-15%) on most products & I'm passing this small amount of money on to my little sister, who is trying to pick herself up (w/ her 4 kids) after a nasty divorce to an unstable guy. It's not alot of money, but every little bit helps! (right now she is dealing w/ a painful tooth that needs a root canal & crown or needs to be pulled NOW... no dental insurance!) Last month I earned $24, but that was from maybe 5 people going through my links (thank you!), imagine what we could earn for her by YOU using these links & by passing this info on to all of your friends & family.

I just added a couple of Back to School ads on the top of my blog's right-hand column... right now Amazon is promoting Back to School Savings AND a FREE 1 year Amazon Prime account (free 2 day shipping on text books & millions of other items) to College students joining their free Amazon Student program. (I have an Amazon Prime account & LOVE IT!) You can click on those ads & purchase ANYTHING, not just school supplies, & a percentage of your purchase might qualify for this program. (you won't get any info of what my earnings were... this is supposed to be a silent earning program for people who use their links on their blogs & websites)

THANK YOU, so much, for considering helping my little sister out!!

Clicking on any of the links throughout this post (except for the first one) will take you to Amazon through my account.

~ Julie

If you want details on what kinds of products earn what kinds of percentages, here you go:

How are fees calculated in the Performance Fee Structure?

The Performance plan allows you to earn higher advertising fees as you increase the number of shipped items generated through your links. You earn an advertising rate from 4% to 15% on items shipped by Amazon or third-party sellers in the following categories:
  • Amazon Video on Demand
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Automotive
  • Automotive
  • Baby
  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Camera & Photo (Consumer Electronics advertising-fee rates)
  • Cell Phones & Service (phones only, not plans)
  • Computers
  • DVD
  • Electronics (Consumer Electronics advertising-fee rates)
  • Gourmet Food
  • Grocery
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Kitchen & Housewares
  • Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pet Supplies
  • Software
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Toys & Games
  • Video
  • Video Games
Both Amazon and third-party items count toward your total shipped items, which determines your advertising rate. As you move from one level to the next, the advertising rate in the new, higher level will be applied to all items shipped during the month. For example, if you refer 100 shipped items in a given month, you will be in the third level and earn 6.50% on all general products and flat fees on other product categories (e.g., 4.00% on CE Products), whether shipped or sold by Amazon or a third party, shipped during that month (subject to any caps set forth in the Operating Agreement).
See the Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule for a chart detailing the advertising fee rates in the both Performance fee structure.

Fixed Advertising Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories
Electronic Products: 4%, Amazon MP3 Products: 10%, Amazon Video on Demand Products: 10%, Products: 15%, Gift Cards Redeemable on the Amazon site: 6%

Volume-Based Advertising Fee Rates for General Products
1-6 items: 4%, 7-30 items: 6%, 31-110 items: 6.5%, 111-320 items: 7%, etc....

Caps: Personal computers (both desktops and laptops) have advertising fees capped at $25, and Amazon Video On Demand as well as Amazonmp3 products are capped at $1.50 per item.

Monday, July 26, 2010

BEAD & BUTTON 2010...

Bead & Button was fantastic. Exhausting... but successful! Saturday & Sunday were on the slow side all around... Thank God that Thursday & Friday were uber busy. My best show EVER... beyond any expectations I had.

A BIG THANK YOU to my friend, Kelly Hazel of KLH Designs, who was @ B&B all week for classes & a little shopping... she stayed an extra day & helped me out @ my booth. And another BIG THANK YOU to my awesome friend, Kimberly Polka, who showed up & helped me tear my booth down on Sunday!!

Really great bead acorns & the etched copper leaves, OMG...they cleaned me out!! It was quite awesome! I've always enjoyed watching customers select their acorns... trying to find the one that speaks to them (they all have their own personalities!), but now watching them try to pair an acorn up w/ a copper oak leaf, priceless!! :o)
I haven't posted these copper leaves before, have I? (other than when I first learned to etch w/ Robin Koza) I knew last year that I wanted to come up w/ some sort of oak leaf element to go w/ my copper & glass acorns... these are what I came up w/ & they are FABULOUS! (if I may say so!) Some designs are from rubber stamps & some are hand-drawn. Alot of the backs I did by hand... some included words, like STRENGTH, BEAUTY, BELIEVE, COURAGE, etc. Robin saw this picture when I posted it on Facebook last month & sent me a message, asking if I would share my source for the stamp I used for the leaf @ the top w/ the bullseyes & wavy lines. I'm always happy to share a source... of course this source is difficult to share, since that is a hand-drawn design. I love it & had a few others that were similar... they all sold, of course! I will definitely do more... it's nice to have pieces that are uniquely mine.

I got a few wholesale orders that hopefully will turn into returning customers. My sweet friend Nicole Valentine of N Valentine Studio came to my booth with an amazing fine silver birdhouse from Christi Anderson of Elemental Adornments... she was looking for a miniature electroformed glass acorn to hang underneath the birdhouse. She found one & a little while later, Christi showed up @ my booth looking for acorns!! My stock was pretty low @ that point, she found some, but I'll be making her more. They're absolutely perfect w/ her pieces. How exciting! I actually met Christi when I first started lampworking @ a show here in the Twin Cities... her work is phenomenal. It will be fun to work w/ her & see some our pieces together!

It was awesome to see & hang out w/ long-distance friends...a fun dinner out w/ Andrea Guarino-Slemmens, Nicole Valentine, Donna Mehnert, Kristi Brokaw, Marion Ogle & a sweet friend of Andrea's from Israel, Ilana Magriso. The Blue Angels were in town & we ran into some of them a few times. A man in uniform... nice... Nicole was quite smitten w/ them & Andrea took the opportunity to put Nicole in the middle of them a time or two w/ a picture w/ a few of them & a phone call. LOL. Quite funny.

I missed out seeing so many people that I would've loved to see since I was on my own @ my booth... what a drag. Thankful that some came & tracked me down!! Wonderful to meet Heather Powers & Erin Prais-Hintz! I wish I had gotten a chance to come visit Heather's booth!

It was fun having customers from last year (my first year) return for more... (some w/ my business card w/ little notes written on the back!) and great to have customers that I've gotten to know through teaching @ the Madison Art Glass & Bead show the last 2 years come by to see me. I really enjoy continuing to build these relationships w/ such wonderful & creative people. 

Fantastic feedback about my booth space as well. That makes me happy. :o) It's ridiculously fussy... not necessarily fussy looking, but so many layers...pieces & parts... it takes me forever to set up & tear down. But I love the look! My friends laugh @ me & talk about how I need to pare it down! I'm so thankful that Kim showed up & helped me tear down on Sunday!! I do look wistfully @ the next aisle of well-known & talented bead artists w/ their single artisan tables & watch them show up just a few hours, if even, before the show starts to set up their space (& tear down quickly, too!) & think to myself "Hey, I'm just a glass bead artist, too... why do I have to have not only a full size booth, but why do I find it necessary to have all of the extras... like ribbons, chains, findings, etc... that keep me from quickly setting up & tearing down?" Well... I suppose, for one thing, I don't have the name (yet!) that draws customers directly to my table just because I'm me (& I make fabulous beads!)... so having a booth that draws people in has been helpful... & having the extras helps sell my beads, too. Can't tell you how many people walked away w/ a bead, acorn &/or copper leaf hanging from their necks as they continue on their way to shop the show.... FABULOUS advertising for me. So, for me, it's been worth it. A hassle, yes... but it's working.

Anyway... it was a wonderful experience. An awesome show. Can't wait till next year!!

Till next time...

~ Julie
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