Saturday, May 29, 2010


Friday, May 28, 2010

THE BEAD & BUTTON SHOW...'s coming up quickly (way too quickly!).

I'll have some fabulous beads there, some jewelry, too... lots of glass & copper acorns and my sterling twig changeable bead holders. Hope you'll stop by to check them out.

Here's a coupon for you, too, for 20% off one item at my booth...
While I'm at it... click here for a coupon for $2 off show admission.

Hope to see you there!

Till then...

~ Julie

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just a quickie request for you, if you will...

...okay... I'm lying... you know I don't do "quick"...I explain, w/ many many words, LOL.... but this is important, so read on, please. :o)

I have a wonderful little sister who is struggling to pull herself up after a nasty divorce from a really unstable guy. She has 4 kids & ALOT on her plate. I'm so proud of her for being strong enough to get out of her marriage, but the ex hasn't made this easy for her, to say the least. It's been a really rough year.

Anyway... my wonderful brother knew that I blogged & had a website, so he asked me if I was willing to do something that would maybe generate a little bit of money every month to help her out. I already had the following account set up, just hadn't started using it yet, so of course I said YES!

Here's where YOU come in....

Do you buy from I buy ALOT from them, I love the site! (I have an Amazon PRIME account, free 2-day shipping... LOVE IT!)

See the search box & the book recommendations on the right side of my blog, a little ways down??

Do me a favor... make this blog a "go to stop" before you head to Amazon to search for anything. What happens, is that for each purchase that is made by someone coming through any of the Amazon links on my blog (or the recommended books section on my website's RESOURCES page), I get a very very small amount of $$...I think it's actually Amazon credit. You don't have to purchase any of the recommended books... just click on any of the links or use the search box on this blog to get you to the site & just go from there. This doesn't cost you anything... other than whatever you purchase on Amazon, that is. Prices will be exactly the same, whether you go from here or go directly to their site.

So... each month, if there are any purchases made through linking from this blog, there will be a small amount of $$ (or credit, not sure about that one!) in my account. I'm going to give my little sister 100% of anything that comes my way... 100%. It might not be much each month... but it might be enough for her to purchase an essential item or two from Amazon. Any little thing will certainly help.

Pretty cool, huh?? I'd really, truly appreciate any help you can give us.





....can't believe my last post was in February!

I've been a bit busy these past few months... show season, you know? 

Show season, LOL, that's kind of funny, actually. I know people who do shows every other week from spring through the holidays... I can't imagine. I did 2 fabulous shows in March & am getting ready to do The Bead & Button Show (aka B&B) in June, then that's it until October! Show season. :o) 

Actually, in between, I'm working on items for the Bell Street Gallery, on Madeline Island. It opened several weeks early because of the early warm spring weather (in April instead of mid May), so I was busy getting jewelry & utensils together to deliver & now I'm on to preparing for B&B! I'm making tons of acorns... lots of miniature ones this time. I usually have maybe a dozen mini ones @ a show & they usually get snagged really quickly, so I'm making a bunch this time around. They're cute... small enough for earrings or a charm... or a child, even. I have some really fantastic beads, of course... some new designs that I haven't taken the time to photograph & post... I need to hire someone to do that for me!! :o)

Here's a quick picture for you.....of the bottoms of some mini acorns (w/ a few standard sized ones thrown in, too), still on the mandrels, aren't they fabulous?? This is only the first step of SEVEN! Finishing (electroforming) acorns are a good 4-day process! 

I'm getting ready, also, to head down to Lake Ozark, Missouri, for the 5th annual Missouri Bead Retreat!! I'm so excited. I missed out going last year because I was preparing for my first time @ B&B & just didn't think I could do both... boy, was I depressed that entire weekend! My birthday was that weekend, too, & they called & sang to me... made me cry!! :o)  I love those people & I just can't wait to spend a long weekend w/ them!! From my count, there's going to be 80+ people this year! Yikes! I'm teaching a couple of copper etching classes & have some wanting to learn how to electroform & how to use an electric mandrel spinner... so I'm going to be a busy girl. :o) Thought I'd bring some B&B work w/ me, too, just in case [I can put others to work, LOL]... we'll see. There's 16 days between the time I get home from the retreat to when I leave for Milwaukee... I'm really good @ cramming last minute, but I'm really stressing out. I try to remember, however, something that a friend told me.... that it doesn't matter what you have or don't have finished... nobody else will know & all will work out just fine. It's true, too. I usually kill myself doing last minute things & those are the things that don't sell!! So I'm learning... slowly but surely. :o) 

Anyway... just thought I'd take a few minutes to write SOMETHING, finally. Sorry it's been so long!! If you're coming to Bead & Button, come by & see me! I'm at booth 1136, right next to the booth I was @ last year. Also, pretty soon, I'll post a coupon for the show for 20% off one item... so make sure to check back & print it out. 

Remind me to tell you about "THE NIGHT THE ACORNS DIED..." it's quite humorous... or not. :o) 

.... till then...

~ Julie
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