Saturday, September 19, 2009


I submitted some pictures of my work to THE FLOW magazine for their winter WOMEN OF GLASS issue. It's my first time submitting ANYTHING to a magazine... it's a juried process... 100 select women artists from all over the world. I really hope I'm chosen, but we'll see.

I thought I might be late submitting, so I just sent a quick note to the editor there to see if I was & decided to include a few images just to show her my work. Images that were NOT in any way, shape or form print ready. A few of the pictures were of pieces photographed right on my table @ Bead Fest, LOL. I got a note from her the next day saying that she submitted my images for consideration & sent me the submission form to fill out immediately!! Awesome... but the pictures! I asked her if she needed me to send her higher quality images... I could retake the pictures of the pieces from the show, etc.... she said to hold off... if they wanted new pictures they would let me know. So...who knows? It might be the deciding factor in whether or not I'm chosen.

I'm excited... don't know when we find out if we made it in or not... I just have to be patient. :o) If I didn't make it in, I'm going to go about it in the RIGHT way next year! LOL.

I also decided that I need to start regularly submitting photos of my pieces to magazines... lots of magazines have "galleries" of artists' work... whether just beads or finished jewelry. Maybe I need to write a "how-to" or two. :o)
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