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I've mentioned that I'm working on a wedding cake right now & thought that I'd show you a FEW of the cakes that I've done in the past.

I've never taken a cake decorating class & no, I don't make cakes for a living... all of the ones you see below have been for my kids, family or friends. The wedding cake I'm working on now will be my 2nd one. I'll be making my 3rd one a week later in North Carolina for my niece. Yes...I'm a glutton for punishment!! :o)

Click on the image to see a larger view & forgive the image quality of most. Some of them were scanned & most of them were edited before I knew how to edit & NOT to delete the original copy! LOL! (sad but true)

This is my oldest's first birthday cake...I hesitated buying the 3D bear cake mold, it was expensive for me at the time. I said that I would use it multiple times... which, as you can see below, I have. I actually made a cute cat cake for my DH the same year as this one... no pictures to be found.

This is his 2nd birthday cake...I didn't know that Pooh's honey pot was spelled HUNNY. :o)

He picked up each Pooh character & said each one's name... and licked the frosting off of their butts. :o)

My youngest's 2nd birthday cake...isn't it fantastic??? :o) The large base is actually a big aluminum roasting pan turned upside down. LOL.

Completely an original idea...Bear & ball are cake, sandcastle is rice krispie treat...

Mask & flippers were made out of foam...the mask had a clear plastic front on it, which squished the bear's nose! LOL.

My nephew's graduation cake... he was a lacrosse player... those are little Lego soccer guys w/ handmade lacrosse sticks. :o) (& he's on top of the world!) This was before I knew that stacked cake layers were usually internally supported... these were just stacked one on top of the other...thus, the tilt. LOL. (Brandon is now a new daddy!!)

Another nephew's graduation cake. My oldest sister did the picture...I tried, but I don't paint people...frosting or not. :o) (Seth is getting married this fall... no, I'm not making his cake!)

Isn't this fun? Inspired by Collette Peter's rice crispie castle cake. It was probably 30" tall... taller than my 5 year old sitting on the table.

Another fun one...the kids love the candy & rice crispy treats & they're so easy to do!

I was on a roll... this one was for the designer I work with.

My girlfriend's baby shower cake...inspired by some cookies (like the ones below) my mom bought for my kids...

I made cookies for all of the shower guests to take home.

He wanted cupcakes that year...cupcakes aren't tall enough to be fun!! :o)

My girlfriend's little boy's 1st birthday...

Isn't he adorable? Kid's pretty cute, too! :o)

Let the dismembering begin...

My first wedding cake ever... winter themed wedding. My aunt had seen some of these awesome cakes that I had done in the past & asked me if I would be willing to do my cousin's wedding cake... I wasn't so sure, it scared the heck out of me, but I agreed to make a sample to see what I was covered in rolled fondant & so easy to do... so I said yes.

It turned out fabulous!!

But my Mom said that I said that I'd never do another wedding cake again. LOL. I don't remember saying that, although I'm saying it again, as I delve into this next wedding cake... my cousin's brother (which would make him my cousin, too, LOL. I knew this would be a busy time for me & I really did consider saying no... but the part of me that likes to show off really wanted me to do it. LOL. LUCKILY, 5 of the 6 tiers (yes, I said 6 tiers...& it's stacked! YIKES!!) are fake... styrofoam inside, it's just for show & to give them a cake to cut & feed to eachother. But being fake & covered in fondant, I can work on them over time & just do the final tier a day or two before. It's been fun & it's going to be fantastic!!

Luckily there is only one more cousin in that family. :o) Beyond her, I'm saying no. LOL.


Stephanie said...

wow Ilove your honey or should i say hunny pot im making one in feb. how did you pull it off so well any tips you can share

CreditRiverArtGlass said...

Thanks Stephanie!

It was so much fun to do & very simple. It's 2 cakes... the top cake was baked in an angelfood pan (which gave it a little taper) & the bottom one was baked in an oven safe mixing bowl that was basically the same diameter as the angelfood pan. I think you could easily just build up several round layers of cake, stack & then sculpt them, rounding the bottom a little bit... maybe tapering the sides so it's a little more "huney pot" shaped, instead of just straight sided. The top rim was just aluminum foil that I shaped into a thick ring & then frosted. LOL. Pretty simple.

I found the cute characters in the toy department @ Target, but that was years ago. I'd do a search on the internet for Pooh play sets or figurines. I actually made the little cake out of polymer clay.

Don't forget to put thin wood dowels (or even skewers or popsicle sticks) down through your layers to keep them from sliding...

Hope that helps. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me through my website,

Good luck! ~ Julie

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