Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wii NOT FIT...


We got the Wii Fit game last month when it came out & my youngest has been using it almost daily, playing & exercising...strength training, balance, yoga, aerobics...tracking his time working out, unlocking new levels... just plain old having fun.

We actually got it for MY birthday... I asked for it... I need to get a grip on my weight... I've been losing this battle since I started lampworking & have got to start doing something about it... so I thought the the Wii Fit game sounded like it might be kinda fun.

Anyway... we've had it just about a month & I had yet to use it. I finally set up my profile tonight... made my "Mii" (my little Wii person)...did the body test... which checks your balance, gets your height, age, weight ( actually weighs you on the Wii Board) tells you what your BMI is & even your Fit Age.... & then it tracks these figures as you go along. It even had me set a weight loss goal... I said 10 lbs in 2 months... so it's going to track that. (I'd like to do MORE...Glass Stock is in 2 months) but I'm realistic...10 lbs is even a stretch, usually.

So...after getting all of the intial stuff setup it shows me my Mii... which I had already set as a little bit chunky... LOL... not... it made me really chunky. It'll be fun to watch her shrink. :o)

I've been watching Brayden playing these games, standing on the Wii Board... balance games, step aerobics, boxing, etc... it looks EASY... it's easy enough, but you can REALLY feel it!! The Wii Board is only about 1 1/2 inches off of the ground & the pace of the step "class" is pretty easy, so I figured that it would be not a whole lot of anything....... well, it's easy on the knees, which is good, but I can really feel it in my butt & thighs. That's cool.

I played for 20 minutes... it was fun... I need to do it every day. :o)

..... busy making a wedding cake this week... wish I was torching.


angelinabeadalina said...

The Wii Fit really sounds like fun. I have to admit the image of the Mii the way you described it made me giggle :) I'm sure you're going to make your goal in time for GS! Way to Go!

CreditRiverArtGlass said...

LOL!! Thanks Angelina!'s hard to hide from reality when Nintendo makes your Mii chunky. :o)

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