Thursday, July 3, 2008


I made it... North Carolina...I just love it here. My sister & my brother live here, it's been 4 years since I've seen my sister... a few years since I've seen my brother, so it's awesome to be here a day before everyone else arrives for my niece's wedding. We shopped for cake stuff tonight... tomorrow we start baking. :o) It's going to be a fun niece said "I don't care if it's stacked or on individual risers...whatever...all I want is for you to frost it all wavy, sprinkle it w/ edible glitter & shove plastic snowflakes into it like they just fell that way!" LOL...I can do that, easily. a very casual "Winter in July" wedding... at a place where Christian punk rock groups play every weekend... so the whole atmosphere is going to be really casual... a big party...gonna be fun.

I'll post pictures of this fun cake after the wedding (obviously)

Anyway... I'm missing my torch [& my family, I suppose! ;o)]... anxious to get home & get to work... it's been a long break... too long.

My plan for the next month before I leave for Glass Stock is to torch, torch, torch... take photos, write descriptions & get some pieces online... FINALLY. It's been a crazy several months... I need to get stuff out there, especially since I'm advertising w/ nothing to sell. Ugh. Actually, I've sold plenty in person, but need to get pieces online. I can tell that the holiday season is already going to be crazy... at least 2 weekend shows & 2 retail holiday boutiques that run from Thanksgiving through New lots of stock will be needed.

Till next time...



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