Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So... I already posted the picture of me & my siblings w/ the "Mom Likes Me Best" T-shirts... well, all of us except for Scott, LOL, in the post below, NORTH CAROLINA PICTURES.

Well, my mom's 70th birthday is next month & since we were all together for the wedding, we decided to surprise her w/ a birthday lunch @ a Chinese Buffet before everyone left town. The night before, we decided that we would have 8x10 prints made for her of the two sibling pictures I posted below... the nice one from the wedding & the "Mom Likes Me Best" one w/ Scott pouting, LOL. My little sister & I went to pick up the prints from Walgreens & pick out frames to put them in. While we were there, we decided to look for birthday cards. [Probably] the 3rd one I picked up made me laugh so hard, it was so perfect, Jill & I decided to get it.... or shall I say THEM. :o)

So... after we were finished w/ lunch, we cleared Mom's spot & gave her her cards... one from each of us. She noticed that the envelopes were identical & even said "what, did you all give me the same card?" ... we wouldn't tell!! LOL. So, happily, she opened mine first, LOL... the cover says "Sure, sure, all your kids are special, love 'em all equally, Blah, Blah, Blah..." & she opened it up... it said [something like] "but I know, and you know, and that's all that really matters." LOL. I was sweet enough to write something like this inside... "Mom, I know that the first 28 years of your life were pretty empty, so glad that I was able to add a little bit of sunshine to your life" (of course I was #4 of 5... born when Mom was 28, LOL!) Pretty funny, she laughed, of course. Then she opened the next card..............LOL, it was the same card... so were the other three!!!! LOL. It was such a riot... absolutely perfect. Of course we were all wearing our "Mom Loves Me Best" shirts. :o)

Couldn't help but take a few pictures... make sure you click on them to see them full size.

So... growing up, we had always teased my little sister about being a "pill baby"... calling her "Jill Pill"... she was born 9 months after my dad got back from Vietnam. :o) Well... come to find that I was a pill baby, too... my brother was a result of failed birth control as well. LOL. Can't tease Jill anymore, can we?? :o) Anyway... when I was older I had heard that my Dad's sister, who was in my parents' will as legal guardian if anything happened to them, had said "no way" when Jill came along... 5 kids was too much (they had 4 of their own, eventually). When I found that out, I had to ask...... so one day when my dad, Brad (my hubby, then fiance') & I were out hiking in the Colorado mountains, I asked him....

"Dad... how many kids did you REALLY want?"
& he said... "Two... Scott & Jill!" (#3 & #5 kids!) LOL!!

I had a great childhood... very loving parents & pretty fun siblings (for the most part!!)... it was so much fun all getting together for my Niece's wedding. My parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary is coming up at Thanksgiving! Hoping we'll all be together again to celebrate!!



Keiara Wells said...

LOL.. sounds like you all had a great time :) I'm one of three sibs and we always tease our mother about which one of us she loves best ;) My sister and I figure it must be my brother since he's the only boy.. lol :D xox

Julie Nordine said...

LOL! Maybe not, though, Keiara... she STOPPED w/ only one boy, he was probably more than enough for her. :o) (I love boys! LOL!)

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