Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Crazy busy girl the past few weeks... my final show is coming up this weekend, whew. :o) I have had no time to take any pictures to post lately... sorry... haven't even torched since being back from Colorado... I've been making jewelry & such w/ pieces I already have. Will be spending a few days this week, though, torching... need to come up w/ some more utinsil sets... maybe some kaleidoscopes, too.

How about another non-glass related video?? :o)
I LOVE Def Leppard... & caught them on CMT Crossroads last week w/ Taylor Swift, who I think is kinda cute ;o) & seeing as I'm pretty girly, I really like her new song "Love Story"... I loved seeing them perform this together, I think Joe Elliott's gravely voice sounds awesome in this song... so I had to go in search of the video & found it. Check it out...

You can find other videos from their Crossroads performance here...


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