Sunday, December 14, 2008


Okay... I finished up my last show for the season, I'm pretty worn out, but am happy that I'll now have a little time to chill & post some pictures of what I've been working on (AFTER the holidays!), but while you're waiting (LOL), I have just one more video for you... features Pulie, Pill & "Mysterious E" (Julie...aka ME, my little sister Jill & my brother Scott E. Yes, he only has an "E" for his middle actual middle name... I still don't think we've ever gotten a believable explanation from my parents for that one!)

Anyway... we're up to no good the day before Thanksgiving in Littleton, Colorado. My brother saw a "NO OUTLET" sign in my parents' neighborhood a few days earlier & felt really bad that they didn't have one, so he decided to give them one. :o) Then he saw THIS one, which is on a busy main road as you're leaving my parents' neighborhood & thought "hey, they need one too!"... plus it would have more exposure to the public, LOL. So here we are... me: no makeup, contacts, etc... & in my pajamas... not pretty... good thing I had the video camera. :o) Never a good thing to turn a camera on yourself, but you get a quick glimpse...

in the credits, "Not seen, but here in spirit: Jeritol & Lysol"... is a mention to my older sisters, Jeri & Lisa...... yes, these are nicknames from the '70s. :o)

& of course, as my family gets home from Colorado & we're pulling into our neighborhood, we notice that the road construction that was just wrapping up as we left town was finished & they left us a new sign "NO OUTLET"... we never had one of those for the 16 years that we've lived here, how ironic is that??? Brad says "hmmmm.... looks like we need an outlet!" LOL.


Anonymous said...

Very Funny!
I guess your new sign at home is "No Outlet Car-ma"!!!

I hope you have a happy, happy new year!

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