Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas, all!

Had a fabulous day chillin' out w/ my hubby & the kids. Opened gifts, watched movies, had a fabulous dinner of grilled beef tenderloin & other yummy fixins, etc. It was a nice day.

We "do" Christmas w/ my in-laws a week or two before Christmas each year because they head south to Texas for the winter via Christmas in Phoenix w/ my brother-in-law's family. They've been doing this for a good 10 years now & my sister-in-law told me a few years ago that she felt guilty for taking them away from us each year & I told her to NOT feel guilty... that I just loved having all of the "family obligation" stuff (okay, I know that sounds awful, but you know what I mean) out of the way before hand so I can relax & enjoy getting things ready for my own family the days coming up to Christmas.

We have a traditional Mexican dinner for Christmas eve... taquitoes, refried beans (no spanish rice, though) guacamole, etc... just as my family has done since forever & my siblings continue to do in their own little corners of the country... sorry Dad, we drink Coke products, not the Pepsi w/ Mexican food that he insists upon, LOL. We played some games & listed to some Christmas music all evening & the kids got to open one gift each.

Anyway... it was a nice day.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas today, too... or whatever you celebrate this time of the year... I hope you took the time to enjoy those around you.



ps... I forgot... here's my Dad's Christmas gift... he liked it (ALOT, I hope!)... called the magnifying glass an "ant killer". LOL.
(click on image for detailed view)

Awesome, huh?? :o) Ivory, silvered ivory & DH Psyche. The letter opener & magnifying glass blanks came from Shawnette at Glassgoodies.


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