Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So... I have these two wonderful ladies who seem to have been following my glass journey for a while, Robin Koza & Carol Watson. They must've been talking about me because sometime before The Bead & Button Show last month, they both contacted me separately (the same day!) to say that they were excited to be able to meet me @ B&B & wanted to buy this & this & that, LOL! Too cute. We were all "friends" on Facebook, so I immediately went out to see who they were, put it together that they were business partners in an Etsy store called Cahootz! So I went out to see what they offered in their store & saw that they had viking knit pieces & hand dyed silk ribbons. Woo-hoo...sounds like a trade to me! (Regarding the viking knit... I make a really pretty bracelet that has viking knit on it & it's expensive because this viking knit is handmade [by me]... it's time consuming & I always joke that I'd have to hire some young child in a foreign country to do it for me to bring my price down!) So, it was really fun to meet them & they had their way w/ what they found in my booth & we ended up w/ a fantastic trade & I ended up w/ some great new friends! They're both quite adorable.

I didn't realize until later that Robin owned Glass Diversions, a fantastic frit blend business that everyone in the lampworking community knows & buys from. I'm such a dork. I just didn't put it together!! I don't do much frit, so I have probably only purchased from her once... a while ago. FABULOUS colors... yummy yummy frit... I'd love to incorporate more into my work.

Looking forward to getting to know them both....


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