Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I finally took the time to clean off my work space a few days ago & get my new kiln in place...geez, it's a big'un (for a tabletop kiln)! (I delivered my old kiln to my friend Mallory yesterday) It's 18" wide inside...LOTS of space... plenty of room to spread out & not worry about sticky Rubino anymore...or so I thought!! LOL. Like I said, old habits... I made my first bead (I'm making a serving set for my cousin's wedding this coming weekend), put it in the far left corner of the kiln. I made my second bead & went to put it in the kiln as close as I possibly could to the other bead, LOL. Needless to say, I came in at a funny angle or something because I tapped the other bead & of course it was too late... they were instantly attached to eachother. Geez.

They're beautiful beads... except for where they touched, LOL. I'll fix them... just not now. I made a second set today...along w/ some for an appetizer set. They're spread out quite nicely, thank you. :o)

I like my new kiln. (ALOT!) It took a bit to figure out the controller... it's a Fuji controller & COMPLETELY different than the one on my Jen Ken, so I had lots of questions. Thank God for Lampwork Etc. I knew I'd find the answers there. :o)


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