Tuesday, April 15, 2008



I went to Colorado for Spring Break @ Easter w/ my boys & hubby to visit my family & ended up staying an extra 10 days! LOL. 22 days total. The night before we're getting ready to leave, my sisters are whining, LOL, "why do you have to go?" (can't tell you how many times I heard "move back home" on this trip! My God...I've only been gone from home 18 years... you think they'd have figured it out by now. LOL! Kidding. Sorta.)... so I think about what might be on my calendar for a second... doctor & dentist appointments I'd need to move around... an art sale 3 weeks away... not a whole lot else going on... so I said... "I suppose the guys can drive home tomorrow & leave me behind & I can fly home in a week or so".... & my DH says "I don't see why that can't happen!" So that's what happened!! :o) My oldest sister's husband wasn't thrilled, LOL... saying "No, I really think it's time for you to go, Julie... Jeri hasn't gotten anything done around here w/ you around"... playful, but just being honest, LOL, poor guy. Not like I was staying forever... just another 10 days. Everyone would survive 10 more days w/out the women focused on them 24/7, wouldn't they?? & they survived... for the most part. :o)

Anyway... I had a wonderful time w/ my sisters. My parents actually left for the mountains for a week just before my family was heading home, LOL, so I actually had their house to myself the first 5 extra days!! My sisters thought I should stay w/ one of them... I actually enjoyed heading back to a quiet house after a crazy day w/ nieces & nephews....... & sisters. :o) We even had everyone over to party the first night that Mom & Dad were gone, LOL, just like the old times!! (NOT! [old times]… I was a good girl…. WAS.) Mom had little clues when she got back… the “party” napkins were out… guess one of my sisters restocked w/ them instead of w/ the “normal” ones….. & then Mom came across a big opened can of pineapple juice in the fridge & asked me if I thought it should go in a different container & I was completely clueless…. She knew it wasn’t hers & I wasn’t claiming it… then I realized what it was & told her that Jeri & Jill had been making drinks. LOL. Busted!!! :o) Funny… we’re [almost] all in our 40s… AND the little kiddos were there, so it wasn’t like we were having a kegger or something, LOL, but we still didn’t come clean. Surprise Mom!! :o) It was just a good place to get together w/out the husbands having to be there. LOL.

Okay… I’ll write about what I did the FIRST week of Spring Break later… it was AWESOME!!!

Oh... did I mention my tattoo???? ;o)


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