Friday, November 7, 2008


I'm getting ready for my first home show a week from today. I've been torching nonstop for days... mostly making utinsil sets... which is more "work" than "just making beads", since sets need to coordinate, so your head has to be right there, you know?

I'm loving what I'm doing as far as beads go these days... I'll take a picture for you soon. :o)

I've been thinking about lentil shapes lately... thinking that my new style would look really good in a lentil, so I bought some 1 1/4" lentil tongs on eBay last week after Michael Barley's class & I really like the shape & yes, my beads look FABULOUS as lentils, but I'm thinking that I want to have a lentil press instead of the tongs. I like that I can bring the tongs up to eye level to see what I'm doing, but I'm so used to the handful of Cattwalk presses that I have, I think a lentil press would be a breeze. I just wish that Cattwalk had a lentil trio that had larger sized lentils... like 3/4", 1" & 1 1/4"... I think that would be PERFECT! The lentil trio that they have is TINY, like the smallest lentil is around 1/2" & the largest is 3/4"! I know some people would use the 1/2"... I just don't work that tiny. Plus, a single trio unit would be cheaper than having to get one of each size that I want. MUCH cheaper. Hmmmmmmmmm... wonder if Catt does custom pieces? (yeah, custom = cheaper, huh??)

Time for bed... I'll post pictures soon... someday.

Till then...

~ Julie


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