Friday, November 21, 2008


We're heading to Colorado tomorrow for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary & Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to see everyone. All the kids but one will be there. Somehow I got wrangled into making the cake. LOL. It'll hopefully all be baked... just need to decorate it... 3 tiers. I'm kind of excited, actually... how often do you get to make your parents' 50th wedding anniversary cake??? It'll be fabulous, I think. Not sure what to do yet. Good thing I fly by the seat of my pants well. :o)

I've set up a lunch date w/ some of my Colorado lampworking buddies... Bernadette Fuentes, Jill Knapp, Leslie Bitgood, Johanna (Canyon Echoes), Melissa (melissabeads) & a new friend named Gretchen (buddhabeader). I've never met Melissa, so I'm excited about meeting her... Gretchen, too. It'll be nice to see Bernadette, Jill, Leslie & Johanna. We were hoping that Amber (*Naos*) would be able to make it, but she has family in town... bummer.

Might get a chance to go play @ the silversmithing studio my sister goes to. I hope so!

I'll be coming home & setting up a week long holiday boutique the day after we get back. I'm so not ready for it, but have plenty to sell & can add to it as the week goes on. Then one more show mid December & that's it for the year. Whew. :o) (I've already got people asking about doing home shows... after the new year.)

Happy Thanksgiving...

I'll be back.

~ Julie


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