Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yep... dropped off the face of the blogging world again! Sorry. Thanks for the eMails, I really appreciate it when people contact me to make sure all is well.

Yes... all is well... life is good! Really REALLY GOOD!!

Looks like I've been absent from my blog for almost 2 months! Yikes. I'm not supposed to do that. :o)

In February, I spent a fabulous long weekend in St. Louis for the first annual Midwest Glass Experience @ Third Degree Glass Factory. It was a blast!! I love getting to see my favorite Missouri people (yes, there are some Chicago, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Iowa, Arkansas & more people thrown in there too!)... spending time playing w/ fire... learning new things, etc. I took classes from:

Anastasia from Germany... what a doll & a fantastic teacher. I love her bead style & had a blast learning how to make her tree beads & work w/ enamels & super fine hair stringers.

Michael Mangiafico (Fig on LE)... awesome teacher, fun guy... made an awesome ant & naked lady. :o)

& Libby Leuchtman... another awesome teacher & co-coordinator of the event. I loved learning how to make complex discs & did some off-mandrel work for the first time.

Yes... I need pictures. :o) Will add some here in a bit. home & got busy building up stock for both the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar (TCBB) & the Art Glass & Bead Show in Madison these past 2 weekends.

Both of these shows were FANTASTIC!! Such a blast & very successful! (yes!) Left me thinking "WHAT RECESSION?" :o) My 2nd & 3rd bead shows on my own & the first shows of the year. I was seriously worried that people either wouldn't show up or wouldn't be spending... neither was the case in either of these shows. In fact, the TCBB had record attendance!! Gives me hope that the year will continue to be successful. I'm really loving getting my pieces out there... love the feedback... love meeting people.

Coming up next for me is an Art Festival & Farmer's Market at Nature's Nest Organic Farm and Bead & Breakfast in Montrose, Minnesota in mid May (see my SCHDEULE on my website for details) and then the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee in June. (come see me & Coliebug Beads @ booth #1138)

...I'm also preparing stock for my first art gallery!! I've been asked to participate in a gallery on Madeline Island that will be opening mid-May, just in time for the busy summer tourist season! I'm so excited! My good friend & mentor Jennifer Ionta recommended me... we'll be spending some weekends up there throughout the summer doing glassworking demos on the torch & just being there to answer questions about our work. Check back here on my blog & the schedule on my website throughout the summer to see when I'll be up there... would love to see you!

Okay... enough catching up for now. LOL. I'll add some pictures soon... I have something new to show you. :o)

Till next time...

~ Julie


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