Friday, February 12, 2010


Lori Anderson of Pretty Things (our wonderful hostess of the Bead Soup Party) just posted her first lampwork beads on Watch Me Create... & was wondering if anybody ever showed their first beads. I posted mine when I first started blogging in late 2007 (clicking on the image below will take you to that post) & I also have been posting beads all along the way of this wonderful glass journey on my website's gallery... 2007, 2008, 2009-2010 & of course on this blog.
The little plain black beads being my first, of course. Doesn't everyone start out w/ little black beads?? Then black w/ white dots, then dots on dots, plunged dots, florals, etc. These were probably my first 3 weeks of beads. I was having a good time. :o)

I would love to see other's first beads, too... it's not something to be embarrassed by...everyone starts @ the very beginning... I'm so proud of these first beads of mine... it brings me back to that first time I jumped when I lit that hothead torch (& continued to do so throughout the 8 week class... & even recently, LOL, when I was demoing in a class. I don't know what it is that makes me jump... maybe it's using a striker?)

There's an old thread on LampworkEtc. called THEN & NOW that was started in early 2006 by Jennifer Geldard... check it out. It had been long buried, the last post being in 2007 (I posted in that thread... my THEN & NOW was 7 months apart, LOL) I just reposted on it w/ my current work & hopefully we'll get a whole new batch of posts on it...

How about posting your own THEN & NOW on your blog... then comment on this post to let me know about it!!!

Okay... just in case you're stumbling along & this is the first post you've read on my blog... here's a few NOW... (click on them to enlarge)


Mermaid Glass said...

Your first beads look great - the tubes aren't even wonky! I'm not sharing because some days my 'now' beads still look like my 'then' beads.

lisa oram said...

Hmmm, I was going to post my first beads (from just one year ago), but now I'm not so sure - they not nearly as good as yours! Oh well, I probably will anyway. I'll let you know. You're are clearly a natural!

Julie Nordine . Credit.River.Art.Glass said...

Laurie... your current beads are beautiful... unless your first beads were amazing, there's definitely a marked improvement. LOL.

Lisa... DO!! You have to be proud of where you've come from... no matter how mine might compare. Everyone started w/ the basics.... well, most of us did, LOL... I've seen some amazing "first beads" that blew me away.

I probably put in 150 hours or so on my little HH torch those first 8 weeks I was taking a beginning 3 hour per week class. I was the only student to bring home a torch in between classes & I played & of course the improvements were huge compared to the others. Can't believe it's been 3 years. Sometimes I can't believe it's ONLY been 3 years.

Jenny J-V said...

Just three years? Girl, you are good! I have yet to venture near anything flaming...haaaaaaaa But, it looks like I might get to team up with Juls from the Bead Soup party since she lives down the road from me here in 'Bama. We've got a plan for next weekend! I may have my "first beads" posted next week!! haaaaaaaaa

Pretty Things said...

I'm so glad you showed these. Gives me a little hope.

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