Monday, February 8, 2010


Hey you! (yeah, YOU!)
I've been a busy busy girl the past several days trying to put together a RESOURCE page on my website for lampworkers. It started out as a simple list of my go-to glass & supplies sources that my first lampworking teacher asked me to put together for her for her students. (she knows I get around) But, being the A.D.D. perfectionist that I am, I couldn't leave it w/ SIMPLE. No way. It needs to be a COMPLETE source list... starting out w/


...then adding subcategories for SPECIALTY suppliers, like:

Frit & Murrini
Glassworking & Shaping Tools
Glassfinishing Tools

....then Studio Equipment...
then books & magazines & tutorials & teaching studios, jewelry making supplies & on & on & on.

LOL... it never ends.

I'm getting some wonderful suggestions... can't use them all... but it's nice for others to check it out for me & fill in some blanks.

BUT... I have to stop for a few days, at least..... the BEAD SOUP PARTY is coming to an end on Wednesday & I have got to finish up my piece!! (no, I'm NOT a procrastinator... no way. LOL. I've been a little stuck w/ this piece... fighting to keep myself from taking this fabulous pendant that I've made from Jen's polymer piece & put it on a gorgeous silk ribbon. LOL. I like simpler pieces where the focal stands out...but we've challenged eachother to do something outside of the norm & Jen's done a fantastic job w/ my piece & is learning new techniques & is working w/ new materials in the process!! So time to get busy & do the same thing!!!

While I'm here :o)'s a little show & tell... a new heart necklace...I love it!
(click for larger image)
What do you think??? You love it, too... don't you?? :o) Need to get it listed in my Etsy store... will be after I get this Bead Soup piece finished up & posted, though!!

Till then...

Have a great week!

~ Julie


rosebud101 said...

Julie, that is a very pretty heart!

Julie said...

Thank you, Mallory. I like it. :o)

Jen Judd said...

Love the heart, and your resource page will be now get to work!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (I have just procrastinated two hours on a paper about Afghanistan...even woke up early to do it!! NICE!!!)

Julie said...

Thanks Jen!! We got to sleep in a few hours this morning w/ a late start because of the snow... I needed it!! Stayed up late working on my piece...

Mila said...

Gorgeous this heart!!!
Have a nice day :)
Mila :)

SharDon Exclusives said...

Oh, your hearts are absolutely breath taking!!! Gorgeous, beautiful, lovely, and They are stunning! I love beads so of course I love your work.
I will be back to see the rest of your pieces and the party results.

Julie said...

Thank you Mila & Sharon! It makes me so happy to create beautiful pieces like this & even more thrilled that others get to enjoy them, too!! & of course I love the feedback. :o) Thanks!

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