Monday, February 15, 2010


FEBRUARY 15th early morning update.....

Today is the final day of the One World One Heart giveaway.... this has been such a blast!! I've really enjoyed visiting alot of the other OWOH participants' blogs... there ended up being 1105 of us!!! Unbelievable. I've also enjoyed all of the wonderful comments!! Thank you so much.

I hope you've enjoyed the ride.

Comments will be turned off @ 11:30am CST today (was to be noon, but I have a doctors appointment!)... names will be drawn & posted along w/ what item was won. We're right around 450 active blogger entries, so there will be FOUR blogger names drawn & one non-blogger name drawn. Because I've got 2 categories of winners, this is all going to be done by hand instead of w/ a random number generator. I've been printing off all of the comments as they've been posted, cutting them up & dividing into bloggers & non-bloggers. My youngest son will help me draw the winners in the afternoon. Maybe we'll do it via video. :o) I will post the names of the winners along w/ what item they've won. I will then contact you via eMail or your blog if you don't have an eMail link. I'm going to give each winner 3 days to get back to me, otherwise I'm going to draw another winner to take their place.

This has been such fun... thank you so much for playing along w/ me. :o)

See you tonight!!

Till then....



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