Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just wanted to do a quick check-in...

I've been pretty busy getting ready for fall shows & traveling. Spent almost a week w/ some of my favorite glass friends in Chicago & St. Louis a few weeks ago (completely surprised the St. Louis ones... so much fun!!), will be hanging out in Des Moines this weekend & our local TWIN CITIES BEAD BAZAAR is coming up the following weekend (October 24th - 25th, come see me!)... then I'll be heading off to Austin, Texas to take an Andrea Guarino class with a few of my Chicago, Missouri & Minnesota glass friends... I'm SO EXCITED!!!

I've been torching a bunch lately & have an ice cream bucket full of beads waiting to be cleaned... I took a few pictures of them in the water for you... check them out, I think they're pretty yummy. :o)

(click images to enlarge)

Aren't they fabulous?? I can't help it, I'm completely excited about what I'm making these days....


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