Sunday, February 24, 2008


In my 1/2/08 post "IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY", when I talked about purchasing my new Electric Mandrel Spinner (EMS) from Scott Bouwens of Bearfoot Art, talking about his "how to" videos, I said that "I was watching these clips just about to crap, realizing how helpful these tools would be for all of the large handled pieces I've been making. It takes me probably 15+ minutes, depending on the piece, just to get my base bead made before I can even start embellishing it... it's a ton of glass & it take lots of time to get the glass centered & shaped & all that jazz & you just watch how effortless it is for Scott to marver a big wad of glass into shape, etc."

Well...Scott posted all of his EMS videos to YouTube a week ago (on my suggestion??? I mentioned that he should do that when I ordered my EMS!) & I just have to post the one that sold me...

Here's where the rest of Scott's videos are posted on YouTube.'s a really slick tool. I've really enjoyed working w/ it. It definitely helps get things in order relatively quickly...if only the glass melted faster. :o)


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