Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Help... they're sucking me in!! LOL.

Do you "Facebook"?

My little sister told me about Facebook a while ago & I finally signed up. I didn't get what the big deal was. One more site to maybe find old friends... search for old boyfriends, LOL, etc...

THEN... I realized that there is a huge amount of glass artists on there that I know, some that I've met & many many others that I would like to know, some of whom I could possibly worship at their feet, if I were inclined to do that sort of thing. ;o)

So... I've been "making friends" on Facebook... and they're a super active crowd, so it's been fun getting to know people a little bit better, letting them get to know me. It's kind of cool... I like it... great for networking, for sure.

...except that it's sucking me in. :o)
It's hard to be at my computer, Photoshopping or whatever, when Facebook is calling to me, telling me to see what others are up to. And your "friend" can see when you're online there.... my silly sister-in-law started a chat w/ me today w/ "OMG, are you always on here???" LOL.... um, sure seems that way!!

Anyway...I still don't get what all of the invites, requests, gifts & such are all about... I have a gazillion of them waiting for me to accept them. If you've sent me one, sorry... one more distraction. :o)

One more thing to balance...


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