Monday, January 18, 2010

ONE WORLD ONE HEART blog event is coming...

I've decided, for the first time, to participate in the 4th Annual ONE WORLD ONE HEART global blog event hosted by Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian.
I'm really excited about this. Here's how it works...
On January 25th, I'm going to write a blog post that includes the items that I'm going to be giving away. I've decided to make it difficult for myself & open this to bloggers and "everyone else" there will be TWO items & TWO for each group. I'll explain in the January 25th post more of how to participate in MY drawings.... just be ready & don't miss out. The event comes to a climax on February 15th w/ the drawings & announcement.

Last year, there were 911 blogging OWOH come January 25th, make sure to go to Lisa's A Whimsical Bohemian blog to see the complete list of participants in the right sidebar & do some blog hopping...

If you're a blogger & want to participate, click on the image above (or any of the links) to get all of the info on how OWOH works.

Till then!!

~ Julie


A Glass Bash said...

This looks like a really exciting and fun event to participate in. I thought I was keeping up on your blog, but there's a couple entries I missed that I wished I hadn't :)

Julie Nordine said...

Not too late to join in, Arlene... it hasn't even begun yet!! Yeah... I've been a busy little blogger lately & haven't posted all of them to Facebook. Thanks for following along. Post a comment every once in a while so I know you're out there! Sometimes it feels like I'm just here entertaining myself. :o)

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