Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm so thriled w/ the beads I made today... especially the 2 skeleton key beads. They're FABULOUS!! I'll post pictures of them in the morning when they emerge from the kiln. These are #4 & #5 skeleton keys... I should show you my other ones!! :o) I have yet to be able to get any of them to move freely, although the 2nd & 3rd ones had bead release. I figure that I didn't have enough, so I have a few keys ready to go that have an obnoxious amount of release on them, so we'll see! The two I did tonight were done w/out release, so they're on there for good. So pretty.

I also made a heart that I think will be fabulous. Not absolutely sure, but it looked great going into the kiln. (colors always change from when it's hot to when it's room temp.) I started out w/ Moretti Purple Red Special (my only red!) & ended up adding some powders to it... not what I planned (not a surprise!) ....& then I added some Andrea details to it & it looked fantastic (& big!) Just not sure how it's all going to look w/ the red base. Probably wonderful. I put the powders on pretty thick in most places... but that was before I pulled it into a heart shape, so I have no clue what it's going to look like w/ the powders thinned out like that. We'll see in the morning, won't we?? :o)

Having a great time... feeling really good. I need a shower like nobody's business, though. Think I'm heading there now... who needs to sleep? ;o)



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