Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have started up a page on Facebook for my business... it's pretty exciting, watching all of those people find me & choose to follow (like) me. And I can see that I will be using it much more frequently & thoroughly than I will updating my website or even this blog. I'm wondering, however, if I should ONLY post new pictures & links to items for sale on Etsy, etc., like I see alot of pages doing (only promoting sales), or should I interact?? Post status updates, etc... ONLY promotion seems so impersonal to me... I want to interact... let my followers get to know ME, too. (not everyone is a FB friend, so they don't know me from my personal profile) What do you think?? 

You can click the logo above to find my page... or just click below & LIKE me. ;o) 

Have I posted this bead before? 

I made it for our Beads of Courage flame-a-thon earlier this year. I still oogle the picture all the time, it was a technique that I hadn't used before... w/ powders & the copper mesh butterfly, then encasing it in a thin layer of clear & swirling through the clear, then adding the raku vine on the exterior down the side. I completely love the effect & will definitely be doing more.  (quite  van Gogh Starry Night looking, don't you think?) This one went to Beads of Courage. The butterfly bead is given to parents whos child loses their battle with cancer. Very sad. I hope my bead brings a bit of a connection to their child.  So glad that my sweet friend, Julia Longtin, took a picture of it & posted it to Facebook!!

Till next time, come find me on Facebook!

~ Julie


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