Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm in love...
I can't help it...
Isn't this fabulous??
(click on the image to see an enlarged view)

Of course the base is Opal Yellow (what else is there? LOL!)... & then has my favorite triple threat of Double Helix glasses on it, as well as SIS.

I put it on a hand-forged fine silver interchangable bead holder... & of course has one of Heidi's (JamnGlass) gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon.

I just love it. I did 3 of them the other night... will be doing more for the bead show I'm doing next week. Makes me wish I had a lentil press. I think it would be a fabulous design on a lentil. Hmmmmmm... what presses do I have?? :o)

What do you think?

I'll show it off on LE tomorrow... thought I'd bring it to you guys first. Lucky you. ;o)


Anonymous said...

It is fantastic!!

Julie said...

I know, isn't it??? ;o)

Thanks Carmen.


Sabrielle said...

Gorgeous. Is this available?


Julie said...

Thank you, Jen... it is, if you can remove it from around my neck. LOL. I'll be eMailing you...


Anonymous said...

Hello Julie,

This is the pendant talking. I would like to let you know that I am very happy you sold me to Jen. She will cherish me and love me forever. I could not have been happier with your choice of a home for me. She has saved many a rod from these evil vendors so as you can see she really appreciates glass in all its forms!

Thanks again and always somewhat yours,

Fabulous Pendant

Julie said...

Dear Fabulous Pendant... enjoy the ride to Jen's house. I know it will be a cramp & dark trip, but I packaged you as safely as I know how & You'll be just fine. Know that Jen will make it up to you when you finally arrive... safe, sound & insured. ;o)



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