Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yes... this time last year I was talking about having my new website built & ready to launch in December.

Well... I had her build it in FLASH & for some reason, I can't update the images to save my life... so it's still got all of the old images from 2007 on there... UGH! I even had a friend who BUILDS websites take a look @ it & she couldn't figure it out. It has something to do w/ the templates that it was built off of. It certainly gave my original website chick a hard time as she customized it for me.

So... I found Homestead & easily built a new site myself that I'll have no problems updating. Yeah!! It's in the middle of having the domain transferred... will be another week or so.


Sucks to have wasted so much $$$ on the first site, but it's done its job (kinda) for the past year, right?

Check out my new site soon in the coming week or two... let me know what you think.


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