Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Just made a copper "tree" to display my glass birdhouses on. My original tree was a real branch w/ little copper hooks on it, but it got brittle, so was a pain to take from show to show... so I ended up making a copper one before Bead & Button. It turned out great & was easy to fold up & put into my show display storage box.

I took it up w/ me to the gallery last weekend & ended up leaving it there so they could use it to display my necklaces (they looked great on it!)... so I had to come up w/ another one before my next show, which I leave for in a week!

This one stands on its own... the other ones were buried in a vase w/ stones in it. I'm not so sure that I'll keep it like this, I'm worried about tippage... don't want those sweet glass birdhouses to end up on the floor... especially if it's accidentally tipped by a customer... that would be horrifying for them!

Anyway... it's made out of 8, 12 & 18 gauge copper wire. It stands probably 30" tall?? The "branches" can be moved into any direction...but will mostly be facing forward-ish, maybe splayed out a little bit...coming from the back edge of a display table. I'll add little copper hooks to hang the birdhouses from...

After I finished it, I hit it w/ a torch to bring some fabulous colors out of the copper... blues, greens, magentas, etc... really cool looking.


Payton Jett said...

Julie, this is beautiful. Leave it to you to come up with another amazing piece of art..


Julie said...

Thank you, Payton! For the most part, I'm a perfectionist who's too creative for my own good... I can usually put something together that's better suited for what I want than what is available out there. I still usually do alot of searching online, trying to find that perfect item, but then end up doing it myself. LOL.

Jane said...

Love the tree Julie - it is gorgeous! If you are worried it will tip, then you could secure it to a piece of hardwood as a base.
Your beads are fantastic too!

Anonymous said...

Hey! That tree is great!

If you want to, wrap the "roots" around a rock!

Are you going to be at BAC this year?


Julie said...

Thanks Jane! Great idea!

Cool idea, Carolina! I hadn't even thought about doing anything like that!!

I just used it @ BeadFest & buried it in some rocks in a pottery vase. Worked well, but it's alot of weight for plane travel... so I'll have to think of something else... maybe the wood base... some fabulous piece of burl or something!

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