Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I couldn't wait for Barnes & Noble or even Target to open this morning, so I ran to our 24 hour WalMart as soon as I delivered The Teenager to school to see if the Oct/Nov issue of BEADWORK Magazine was on the shelves yet.... IT WAS!!! How exciting it was to see my name in the TITLE on a magazine page! (my very first!) Of course I had to check it out as soon as I picked it up. Ever fallen apart [just a little bit] in the magazine aisle @ WalMart? ;o)

A portion of my Bead Artist feature in BEADWORK...
If you found your way to my blog via BEADWORK, Welcome!! You'll find me not only creative & artistic... but sometimes quite a rambler & a bit of a goofball. I hope you take a bit of time & enjoy getting to know me. Then come find me on FACEBOOK. I tend to update & post pictures of current pieces more often there than anywhere else. You'll also find me quite busy @ the moment, getting ready for BeadFest Texas, which I'm leaving for a week from today! (w/ a 3-day Kristina Logan class thrown in this weekend!) I have some items on Etsy, but have had a really busy few weeks of sales, sales, sales & because I'm in show mode at the moment, I won't have a chance to add new items until mid October. If you'd like me to let you know when I've posted new items, head to my website's CONTACT page & sign up for my newsletter. I'll be sure to send out a message when I start adding more items to my shop. Feel free to contact me, as well, if you're looking for something specific or just want to get in touch!

Thanks all!

~ Julie


Unknown said...

How exciting for you! And well deserved, your beads are so gorgeous :)

Julie said...

Thank you!!

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